I Learned it at Camp

Claudia Jin Soo Hoo

Camp Nokomis

1992-2006 and 2014-Present

Camp Otter

1989-1990 and 2009-2013

Claudia attended both Camp Otter and Camp Nokomis as campers for many years.  While in high school and in college, she worked at Nokomis as a Cabin Counselor, Assistant Waterfront Director, and lastly a Unit Head.  After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University, Claudia left Nokomis and started working full time for the Merrimack Valley YMCA.  She has held a variety of positions including the Aquatics Director, Program Director, and Director or Youth and Teen Services for the Association.  Today she is the Senior Service Line Leader, where part of her responsibilities includes directing Camp Otter, as well as overseeing the Registration Office.  Claudia spent five summers at Camp Otter and in 2014 became the Camp Director at Camp Nokomis. 

Claudia credits camp for many of her successes in life.  While a camper and a staff member, she learned many basic skills that she utilizes in her every day life today including boating, crafts, survival techniques, lifeguarding, and swimming.  Debbie Parker showed her valuable life lessons such as independence, leading by example, and teamwork.  Lastly, throughout her years at camp, Claudia was able to make many lifelong friendships and create many memories that truly last a lifetime.  She hopes that someday her children will be fortunate enough to have the same type of camp experience she did.